About Universal Electric Vehicle ( UEV)

U.E.V. has been in business since 1998 and is dedicated to developing zero emission electric power vehicles aimed at municipalities and environmentally aware consumers. No more reliance on foreign oil, no messy oil changes, no hazardous coolants, no more noisy internal combustion engines and best of all no air pollution. Their cars are designed from the ground up and built with you in mind, quality, longevity, convenience, and pure driving excitement!

Universal Electric Vehicle Corporation (U.E.V.) designs, engineers, manufacturers and markets alternative fuel vehicles. They are a forward looking company that continues to research and develop high quality innovative zero emission all electric transportation for consumers and municipalities.

Founded in 1998 by Greg Lane and a team of others U.E.V. has taken on a life of its own. Proprietary technology has enabled U.E.V. vehicles better driving performance, aesthetic design and the ease of use for the physically challenged.

Currently two mechanical patents and three design patents are in preparation for submittal. All of their vehicles are original designs built to standards you come to expect from any other manufacturer. No more boxes with wheels; the E.V. stigma of ugly is a thing of the past.

U.E.V.'s dedication to real environmental improvement is deeply connected to its clean technologies such as the exciting and fun to drive ELECTRUM SPYDER convertible, the COM V-3 (commuter vehicle three wheel), the Electric Utility Vehicle (E.U.V.), and the exciting new GDA-4, luxury four-door sedan.
The Electrum Series are the perfect vehicles for every day driving with performance, quality, safety, and longevity these vehicles make sense.

Electrum Series: Spyder

The Electrum Spyder is an exciting 2 passenger convertible all electric freeway flier that will be available in a limited production. Powered by a 288 vdc system, the Spyder provides an effective range of up to 150 miles at a top speed governed at 80 miles an hour on a full charge using nickel zinc batteries, standard in all of our vehicles. As with all of our Electrum series the Spyder is available with optional lithium ion batteries with a range of up to 300 miles on a single charge.

Electrum Series: GDA-4

The Electrum GDA-4 is a limited production luxury four-door sedan that will seat 5 and is currently in the design stage. Truly the car of the future, the GDA-4 will utilize sleek sculptured composite body panels, aluminum alloy chassis, highly responsive suspension, advanced electric drive train technology and dual charging system. Interior creature comforts will exist such as all leather seats, ergonomic controls, LCD information center, computer touch control and a high-end audio video entertainment system all powered by lithium ion battery technology standard in the Electrum GDA-4. (Optional) Bright charge technology coming soon! Hands-off no touch charging!

Electrum Series: COM V-3

The Electrum, COM V-3 (commuter vehicle with three wheels) seats 2 and is designed for the commuter in mind. With a fold down workstation and a standard 120 volts AC, 600-watt outlet the commuter will find this very convenient. With features such as front double A arm suspension, single sided swing arm drive system in the rear, three wheel disk brakes, handling is exceptional and provides excellent stopping power. As an option this car is being developed to facilitate an automated door entry, wheelchair lift and stow, and hand controls for the physically challenged.

Electrum Series: COM V-3M

The COM V-3M is similar to the COM V-3 however it has been designed for municipality applications. It's available with all the creature comforts such as air-conditioning, radio, dual seating, or just plain vanilla. Single seat with workstation, with or without doors, either way access is easy, operation is simple, with quality, convenience, and longevity. Right hand steering is also available.

Electrum Series: Electric Utility Vehicle

U.E.V. has developed a line of utility and parking enforcement vehicle.